Selfic device for cervical painJennifer B., physiotherapist, Denver USA
One woman, a client of mine, was in a car accident and for the last two years has not been able to turn her head even 10 degrees from side to side. In other words she had to turn her whole body to look to the left or right. She came to a presentation I did on the technology of Damanhur, and I had her put on the cervical neck collar. Within 5-10 minutes, she could fully rotate her neck 30 degrees to the right and left. She and all around her were astounded. This is just one of many stories of incredible results using of Selfica. Thank you so much for the blessed work that you do.
Multifunction bracelet for harmony of the mindJohn W., London, UK
I bought this selfic bracelet some month ago. The bracelet is very useful. What I feel is that it creates an alignment of my inner parts and voice, and that allows me to express myself in a more harmonious way.
Memory selfHans H., Berlin
My ability to remember what I learned during the lessons at the university has increased and makes it easier for me.Better concentration. Unexpected support.
Francesca, FirenzeJoy selfica and environmental balancer
What I have noticed is that both these selfica move and change their shape. They are really alive "objects".
Bracelet for integration of personalitiesMaria Elena, Milano
I bought the bracelet for a purely aesthetic reason but I experienced such a relevant and unexpected transformation wearing it that I was really impressed.
Multifunction Bracelet for the mindAlessandra DC., Modena, Italy
I had such a strong experience with this bracelet that I almost cannot describe it. I have read tons of self-help books in my life, done many courses and many other things for many years, but I have never had an experience as profound as with this bracelet, in such a short time. I'm impressed, I've had important dreams that have really helped me understand better my next steps for integration and growth
Dietary BraceletKarine K, Muenchen, D
I am diabetics, and I was always craving foods that I was not supposed to eat. I was given the Dietary Bracelet as a gift. I did not believe it could do anything, but I wore it anyway. After a few weeks, I felt something change in my approach to food, and that supported a change in my attitude, making it easier to stick to healthy habits.
Experience with the StiloselfMark C., Physiotherapist, San Rafael, USA
E., a client of mine, had a strong pain at the sciatic nerve. I had the impression she had a slipped disc between the fifth lumbar vertebra and the sacrum. My supposition was confirmed further on. First I treated exclusively the areas far from the center of the pain, but in correspondence with it such as her legs, shoulders and back. I used the Stiloself for 20 minutes. The interesting thing was that there was a strong reaction on the correspondence points in the body related to the individual vertebra called into question. This gave me the opportunity to treat these points. One hour after the treatment, my client called me and said she had no pain anymore. In the following days I gave her more treatments. The pain came back again, but in a very transient and weak way. According to the initial diagnosis E. would have to be operated, but after 15 days E. had no pain anymore and there was no need anymore to do an operation. This story dates back to five years ago and apart from some minor adjustments, E. feels really fine. Generally the Stiloself is a marvelous instrument to me. The treatments I do with it are easy because they require no physical effort. They are also very useful when the person, for wa reasons, has difficulties to move. Another wonderful feature of the Stiloself is that it guides the hand where it is needed
Restful sleep with Selfica Gertrude M., Dusseldorf, D
I often happened to lay awake in bed for a long time, turning back and forth and waking up at night. In the morning, after such nights I was agitated, because my alarm clock took me out of the deep sleep I missed so much at night. I tried many remedies, but nothing worked. Finally, I discovered the Sleep Selfica, and I wore it two or three times a week at night on the upper arm. After about 2 months, I was sure that it was no coincidence: I still occasionally wake up at night for various reasons, but then I sleep without any longer awake phase. I just go back to sleep feeling relaxed and in the morning I feel well rested. And in addition, I need less sleep than before, usually I'm already awake before the alarm clock! This can only be due to the sleep self, as I have not changed my sleeping habits.
Bracelet against shyness
This bracelet helps me especially when I am in places together with many other people. It helps my more introverted part to open more easily. It also helps me to better recognize and manage my boundaries and those of others.
Selfica for neck pain
This selfica is a real life saver for me. When I am in pain and I wear it, its effect is immediate.
Multifunction Bracelet for the mindAlessandra DC., Modena, Italy
I feel the benefits of this bracelet very strongly. I have had many useful dreams connected to my different personalities. I feel more balanced and less stressed.
Selfica for EyesightMassimo N., Bologna, Italy
I've been using the Selfica for eyesight for five months, because I was seeing a worsening of my far sight. Using this Selfica is taking me on an unexpected and exciting journey. I understand that deciding to buy a Selfica does not just mean "now I put it on, and from there on it will take care of everything". What is happening to me is that this Selfica is actively taking me on a journey in relation to my eyes. To give an example: After a month and a half of using the self it seemed to me that it suggested that it was also useful to add specific exercises for the eyes. A few days later, the synchronicity wanted me to find a book by an author who healed his myopia. The Selfica invites me to take an active part in my healing process, for a broader understanding related to my eyes, and also to review my habits and change them where needed. I can say that I do all of this very willingly because I see encouraging and significant progress that has happened in a short time.
Sleep Bracelet
I find this bracelet very effective. When I use it I always feel its beneficial effect. When I know that I only have four or five hours to sleep, I put it on and the next day I still feel fit and I have the right energy for my bike training.
Bracelet against shynessAlessandra DC., Modena, Italy
I bought a bracelet against shyness a few months ago, and then I lost it. I had the impression that it had completed its work with me, but that I needed to go deeper. So, I bought another one and I feel that I am, indeed, going deeper into the this issue. I feel more courageous and I express things I withheld for a long time, finding the right way to communicate them.
Multifunction bracelet for physical well-being.Alessandra DC., Modena, Italy
I went to my homeopath for a check. I took the VEGA-test with and without the multifunction bracelet for physical well-being. The test showed that this bracelet has a very positive effect on my neurovegetative system.
Sleep self
I fall asleep faster and more easily and I enjoy a deeper sleep. The next day I feel more present and I have a good energy
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