Social Harmony Kit – the pleasure of being together || 15% off

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We have selected for you the Selficas that can help harmonizing communication with ourselves and with others, improving self-esteem, balance of sensitivity and relationships.
And we cannot forget the main ingredient to create unforgettable moments together: joy!

Discover the details and take advantage of this special offer!

Bracelet for the harmony of relationships

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This self creates a balanced, harmonious and orderly energetic field to support harmonious relationships, first of all with oneself and as a consequence also with others. It increases self-acceptance, self-esteem and self-appreciation. It “softens” and harmonizes the aura making encounters and sharings with others easier.

Sensitivity bracelet

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This selfic bracelet helps to expand, modulate and harmonize personal sensitivity, favoring a widening of perceptions and the empathy with others and the environment. It is also useful for those who wish to balance their excessive sensitivity that leads to unease and shyness.

Joy Selfica

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It spreads the beneficial effects of the vibration of light and sunshine in any environment, in a radius of about twelve meers around it. The base of this Space Selfica is hand-cut out of the same precious glass we use for the windows and the domes of the Temples of Humankind. The color of the base may vary over time.


Wearable and environmental Selfica work in synergy to support specific functions.

“The Selfic intelligences and the humans interact in those aspects of life, where there is a mutual benefit. This symbiosis is a true spiritual alliance between Selfic energies and humans.”

from the book “Spirals of Energy

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