Selfica is a spiritual technology created to enhance human potential and Synchronicity.

Selfic forces exist in the universe: they are a specific signal.

The history of Selfica began when ancient civilizations shifted from a vision of the universe as a place ruled by divine intervention, to the understanding that there are "intelligent" forces , which can be used to obtain the desired effects.

Selfica was used by the Egyptian, Etruscan, Celtic and ancient Minoan, but it was always exclusive for priests and rulers.


Gold and silver were the primary materials used to tap into the energies of Selfica: different percentages of copper in the alloy created different conductivity and effects. In epochs in which the right metals were not available, other systems were created using plants and water-based systems such as water labyrinths, irrigation and micro-irrigation circuits.


The development of astrology was motivated by the search for these signals and frequencies, too: the original intention was not just to interpret their effect, but to direct them in order not be limited by our dependence on cosmic forces.

In Damanhur, Selfica has been re-discovered and developed by the late founder Falco Tarassaco, supported by the Selet team.

Seles,  is the lab where Selfic items are created, all completely by hand, by people trained for years in the connection with these special energies.

All Selfic devices are activated thanks to the Temples of Humankind, which function as an antenna for the selection and use of Selfic energies.

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